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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about periodontitis and our answers.

The bacterial plaque on the teeth leads to inflammation of the gum line (gingivitis), that can […]


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Prevention of periodontitis

Optimal oral hygiene at home, regular checkups with professional teeth cleaning in the dental practice, and a healthy diet and quitting smoking are the best prevention […]


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Treatment of periodontitis

Professional teeth cleaning in the dental practice is the crucial first step in treating periodontitis. It is just as important to adopt good oral hygiene habits at home […]


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Diagnosing periodontitis

An examination by the dentist is the only way to correctly assess the condition of the gums. In addition to the clinical assessment with a gum probe, X-rays must […]


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Consequences of periodontitis

The consequences of periodontitis are the loss of the structures that hold the teeth, resulting in loosening of the teeth up to tooth loss, which can also cause […]


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Causes of periodontitis

The main cause of periodontitis is bacterial plaque on the teeth, also called dental plaque or biofilm. Other risk factors such as smoking or unmanaged diabetes can also […]


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What is periodontitis?

Bacterial plaque leads to an inflammation of the gum line (gingivitis), which can also spread to all the structures holding the teeth (periodontitis). Due to bone loss, what […]

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